The Brief

Jamie’s fans head to his current site for recipes and not much else. We need a cool site that subtly educates the people on all things Jamie, bringing his business’ and products in one place.

Our Approach

We set about gathering as much information as we could about Jamie’s world, diving mouths first into his restaurants and playing chef with his products. However, it was whilst chatting with the fans we unearthed the insight that proved key to unlocking this brief.

Insight; Jamie’s fans were hungry for his recipes.

Creating an aggregated feed

Jamie’s fans headed to the site with a one track mind, on the hunt for healthy recipes to cook and blag as their own, not stopping to see what else was on the menu…

Equipped with this insight we needed to keep the focus of the site on his food and recipes whilst subtly connecting the people to Jamie’s world. So we created a rich social feed to take centre stage of the homepage.

The 'channel strategy'

We adopted a channel strategy for tabs at the top of the site to allow direct access to the main pages ie Careers and Foundations. The rest of the site stayed true to Jamie’s shabby chic feel allowing overlapping and crossing over of content so users could navigate diagonally and sideways across the site on both desktop and mobile.


Not forgetting Jamie’s loyal 140,000+ following we made sure the community’s voice was heard all around the site and not just pushing them into a section. Relevant conversations happening in the right places meant people sharing their own healthy recipes and photo’s, giving a more personable feel and a sense of community throughout the site.



What originally started as a UX only project quickly became a design lead job. Some of the highlights include:

  • The chance to work on a household name
  • Embracing the challenge of working with several different types of content
  • Surfacing and aggregating content from all corners of Jamie Oliver’s world
  • Bringing together the design to complement the brand
  • Designing a rich yet easy to use interface incorporating Jamie’s shabby chic style

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