Design brief

We’re a completely new brand bringing the tyre service online, help us reflect our genuine, friendly and reliable attitude online.

User research

We got to grips with the glamorous world of tyres by chin wagging with our office motor enthusiasts and trawling through competitor sites…

Brand perception

Insight: People don’t buy tyres because they want them, they buy them because they need them.

It was completely true. Shopping for tyres was a chore. Competitor sites were cluttered and overwhelmed us with their over designed sites and confusing information.

We needed Grippy to be different, because Grippy are different.

Understanding user behaviour

There are two main types of tyres buyers, those looking for the best value and those looking for quality tyres for their premium cars. Grippy caters for all customers needs and we wanted to reflect this in the site design by making both ends of the spectrum and everything in between accessible for everyone.

Find your car

Useful and usable web design

We created the number plate search so customers could find the exact tyres for their car. We used the EU tyre rating system to curate our search results, making the icons bigger and easier to see making for less time finding the perfect fit.

Content strategy

They’re a modern brand with old fashioned values, a personable service with price and quality at it’s core. We weaved this approachable and fun tone of the Grippy brand into the copy, humanising the brand as much as possible by mentioning the team and van names.

Secure eCommerce design

Although the look and feel was friendly, fun and retro it still had the professional reliable feel of the brand. The site needed to feel trust worthy and easy to navigate around making for a pleasantly surprising, new customer experience.

We made the eCommerce shopping process as simple and painless as possible, aiming for higher conversion rate and satisfied tyre buyers.


We were entrusted with creative freedom of the brand’s digital development from the ground up which to us was just plain  awesomeness.

Taking hold of the creative reigns we took full ownership of UX, art direction, concepts, copy and development. Lovely stuff.

The middle man took a break and had a brew, leaving us free to deal with the client directly. This ensured clear lines of communication making the project even more efficient and enjoyable.