The brief

Escape Studios, Europe’s leading visual effects academy, wants to get prospective students downloading its Careers Guide – a key tool in lead generation. We need to make it a spectacular and engaging digital experience.

Discover your destiny

A fun, shareable self-actualisation quiz that enables you to ‘discover your destiny’ in VFX.

The user would be led through a series of questions on a bespoke campaign microsite then presented with a snapshot of their ideal role in visual effects. To find out more about how Escape could help them to develop into this career, they would be prompted to download the VFX Careers Guide. Data capture required to download the Careers Guide would feed into Escape’s sales database, forming white-hot leads for the school.

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A digital-savvy audience

Starting with a discovery workshop, we worked with Escape Studios to decipher the business, brand and audience objectives for the website. We found that the audience were highly tech-savvy young people who live and breathe motion graphics. Knowing the sort of online experience they would be drawn to helped us to create a detailed digital scope.


“VFX students today are more interested in vocational courses than taking the traditional academic route. Preferring a pragmatic approach to study, they like to visualise a clearly defined career path before committing to a course.”

Mobile first

Mobile was the primary usability consideration throughout the design of the microsite. Whole page takeovers, parallax scrolling, avatar size and big calls-to-action were tested in mobile resolution first before being set in stone. The quiz by nature was short and snappy and needed to be something people could enjoy
on the go.

Immersive visual experience

It was important that the campaign microsite was slick, highly immersive and took the user on a visual journey. Representing the exciting work you could be producing if you study with Escape was going to be key in encouraging applications and it was paramount that our design represented this to the
highest degree.

Getting creative with tech

Each option, e.g. ‘Builder’, ‘Painter’, ‘Techie’ was overlaid with looping VFX video content that auto-played on rollover (using background plugin Vide). CSS3 transitions and animations utilised JQuery Transit and the rollover and animations were custom script, utilising pre-loading and the above frameworks to create stunning effects.

The video content was comprised of snippets of VFX mastery from movies that pioneered in visual effects like Inception, Iron Man and Avatar.

The human side of VFX

The big shareable centrepiece of the campaign was a series of eight bespoke illustrated cartoon-style characters that we produced – each representing a potential career that an Escape course may lead you to.

These avatars formed the social share icons for the campaign – enabling users to show their friends their outcome whilst encouraging others to take the quiz. Placing social sharing at the heart of the campaign along with well-considered material that users were proud to display on their social channels allowed the campaign’s visibility to proliferate across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn. Social endorsement is a far more effective method of engagement than targeted advertising so to get this right was to get in front of the perfect type of audience.