The Creative Brief

Design Council Working Well Challenge:

“The Design Council in partnership with Nominet Trust are challenging you to design, build and launch new digital products and services that help young people develop their talents and make a living.

Our Collaborative Approach

The brief was set and the challenge was on, bring it. As always, first port of call was to gather as much research as possible from the best source at our disposal, our target audience – the young people.

Whilst chatting to the next generation Alan Sugars and Richard Bransons it dawned on us, it wasn’t a lack of ambition holding these young people back, it was the lack of available resource that was keeping their foot from the door.

Audience Insight

Young people are very talented, but theres a lack of resource online and lack of ways to showcase their skills to potential employers.

Creating a useful, and long-lasting site

Equipped with this insight, we set about creating a useful site, and not just another platform for sharing grumpy cats and laughing lizards.

We already knew Spark + Mettle had a winning formula with their offline Star Track programme so we wanted to create the online version of this.

We created a site that helped build their online professional persona, giving them the tools to uncover and share their soft skills with potential employers.

Show em’ what your made of!

We set creative challenges and missions housed under 9 categories. We wanted the site to be accessible to everyone so we made the challenges inspiring for those who did know what they wanted as well as those who didn’t.

So how did we make this a different experience for our socially savvy audience?

We gamified it. Points were awarded for completion of each challenge with badges being earned for 5 or more completed under each category. Gamification and the introduction of a ranking system would spark a healthy bit of competition, with the highest scoring person taking pride of place at the top of the leader board.

Keeping the buzz with user generated content

All content on the site was user generated which meant the home feed was buzzing with live info of completed projects, and also allowed for a cheeky snoop to sniff out the competition.

These personally curated experiences could be shared via Facebook and Twitter, creating a fully rounded social media strategy. To hold the notoriously short attention span of our youths we kept the site visually beautiful with strong vibrant colours and illustrations.

Highlights of our collaborative approach to design and creative

We had the chance to work on a really worthwhile project with some really talented people from Design Council and Spark+Mettle. We also got to get to grips with today’s young people, connecting with them and bringing their ideas to life which to us is really cool.

This was a significant project for us as it helped us redefine our internal design process. We became dynamic allowing us to respond rapidly in order to build things quickly and test them with our audience for the best possible experience.


“I’ve been at the Design Council for a while now and have worked with many people on many challenges. However, I have been taken aback by the quality of all of your work, the speed at which you’ve gone from idea to a real thing that people can use, and how much I’ve enjoyed working with you all. I’ve NEVER seen people whooping and cheering at one of our launches before, which is truly a testament to the quality of the things you’ve made.”

Mike Smart – Design Council

Funding permitting, there is potential to build the mobile version for employers to source our talent.