The Creative Brief

Since bathstore were re-generating the business, we needed to consider how their offline strategy for stores could be translated into an online digital experience. We were tasked to consider a multi-channel offline and online solution, defining how customers intertwined from a digital to a physical experience.

Our Redesign Approach

With the success of the Quickwins project it was time to make Bathstore’s new offline branding shine online. Without any of the constraints of the old site holding us back we could go big and fresh. Breaking the mould with digital design would transform Bathstore into a key online player. By using “sprints” we were able to manage many unique design templates and tame the lion in this technical challenge.

A key aspect of any eCommerce site redesign is conversion optimisation, and Bathstore are no exception. Our homepage design focused on this by showcasing their Bestsellers, Top rated, and special offer products, whilst letting users navigate through to the categories at the same time.

eCommerce Design Insight

Exploratory research (store visits) revealed a key finding – product & service integration. We identified a strong need to present it as one solution, and our design approach supported this message across the site.

One design doesn’t fit all

With a product like bathstore, presenting the information well can win new customers. We did this by using a simple template. One design doesn’t fit all so we created multiple variations of the product page. An example was a bundle product page where users can keep control of the total price by adjusting their selections.

Developing a content strategy, focused on exploration and discovery.

We let the category page do the talking, and set it up to showcase sub categories, and guide users to explore different collections and product types.

The user should have an effortless journey to their chosen product. Our new category landing pages achieve this with an organized left hand navigation. The sub category pages also offer smart navigation filters to narrow your search. We kept the navigation intuitive, always letting users switch between product types with ease.

Responsive design that works everywhere. Simple really

We made sure the site would work on all mobile devices, offering a fully optimised experience.

Simplifying the layout and navigation allowed the user to arrive at key access points faster.

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Service by Design

One of bathstore’s biggest ‘draws’ is the Service by Design proposition. This is a bespoke experience for the customer at an affordable price. We made this into an easy to use CMS area, whereby bathstore could add more content to the relevant steps of their Service by Design proposition. These Service by Design messages were also dotted around website helping the user at every point.

Knowledge at your fingertips

As users could arrive at the website from the homepage but equally as likely from other landing pages we designed ‘widgets’ to relay key information. These buttons were accessible from any page, putting useful bathstore services at the user’s fingertips.

Each widget had a strategic purpose. The ‘store locator’ widget was based on popularity from the homepage. The ‘brochure request’ widget would capture casual browsers and an ‘installation inquiry’ widget would appeal to serious requests.

On the tiles product page we used a calculator widget to accompany a stress-free shopping experience.


“In its first week of the website’s launch, online sales jumped 26% year on year and the average order value increased 8%.”

- Retail Week