Design Brief

Challenge the view that Austin Reed is a brand aimed at the mature male by raising awareness of our seven collections.

User and brand research

Donning our best fashion efforts we headed to the Austin Reed flagship store on Regent St. This was the store that best represented the new Austin Reed and the perfect place to conduct our research.

We wanted to know what sprang to our target audiences minds at the mention of Austin Reed.

Talking to the people it was clear they were of the opinion that Austin Reed were a brand solely catering for the 40 something, tweed loving gentleman.They had no idea that Austin Reed had 7 sub brands offering young ranges too.

Changing brand perception - from a traditional brand aiming at 40 something to offering fashion diversity

The other brands under the Austin Reed stylish umbrella just weren’t getting as much of a voice online as they were in store. The helpfulness of the staff and the diversity of the fashion ranges weren’t being reflected online either.

We gave each brand a hub that acted as a mini shop window display, showcasing a snapshot of the seasons key items. We kept the functionality of all the hubs the same, simple with a single wireframe template to scroll down and shop with ease.

eCommerce brand hubs

We made sure the designs of the eCommerce hubs were tailor made to fit the individual brands perfectly. The functionality was kept the same so they collectively felt part of the same Austin Reed family but with their own flair. Stylish type, bold headlines and splashes of colour gave each of the ‘hubs’ a fresh modern feel.

Homepage redesign

We redesigned the homepage to act as a social hub for all things Austin Reed. We integrated their social feeds with the current campaigns to draw visitors in tempting them with style advice, events and stories behind the name.

Quick redesign big results

We strutted our design stuff and delivered the seven hubs in two weeks, tough going but we rose to the challenge.

Our work with the collections lead to further work with Austin Reed and we actually redesigned their header on the homepage as well as bringing the newsletters and subscription pages in line with our designs.