The digital brief

Redesign and develop into the online electronic superstore, where they become the go-to site for electronics on the web.

Our Creative and User Experience Approach

We got stuck in with researching everything electronics and discovered some interesting e-commerce trends. Customers were mainly driven by product journey through search, and the purchase may be pre-determined. This all pointed the way to price comparison being the design and ux direction for the redesign.

Ecommerce Insight

Online habits reveal shopping experience is sensitive to price comparison.

Unlocking empathy, and designing with the human touch

We understood that to create a connecting with the brand online we had to humanise it. Humanising the brand would unlock empathy. Showing people using the products, or lifestyle imagery, would spark imagination and create excitement, and that would be a surefire way to connect people to the products and the brand.

Designing the content to jump off the page

To further unleash the brand we coloured each of the landing pages. Bold colour, large imagery, interesting & clear grids would help make the content pop off the page.

Redesign Highlights

Savvy user experience for a fully responsive Ecommerce site.

Excellent client relationship ensured the design project was delivered ahead of schedule.

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