January 13th, 2015

UX Innovation in Digital Agencies Part 2


UX innovation approach for digital agencies

Working in a digital agency I know how difficult it is to take a great idea on paper and produce a solution. Most digital teams end up compromising on the experience and produce a sub optimal solution where UX innovation is not taken into consideration. The solution is often just a UX enhancement.

I have outlined a few techniques that could help us in rethinking our designs and challenging suboptimal solutions on an on-going basis. What I want to explore is ‘How digital companies make UX innovation a part of their digital project development lifecycle’. Here are a few techniques that I propose:


Before you start working on a solution think how your idea can add value to users’ lives. Does it make their task simple? Once you have an idea, break it down into segments.

Focus on one task at the time, expand on your idea and do rapid prototyping. Validate one task at a time. Creating and ideating in small manageable sprints would help in breaking down a complex task into manageable tasks.


Ideas are not precious

Sometime as UX designers we get too attached to our ideas and don’t want to let go. To embed UX innovation in our work we should advocate a productive work culture where nothing gets too personal.

Learn from your ideas, repeat the brainstorming process and move on. Keep repeating the creation loop until you find that nugget of insight, which adds value to the solution you are creating. 

Client education

This is a big one and one of the most important aspects for digital agencies striving to champion UX innovation. It is very important that you take your clients into confidence. Educate them on the value it would add to their product or service.

Creating something that is along the same line as their competitors won’t give them the competitive edge they seek. With UX innovation, they will spend less of their marketing budget in acquiring new customers. Users will come to them because of the delightful user experience they offer.



Culture and Environment

The company culture also plays a major role in integrating UX innovation in the project development lifecycle. Strong and inspiring leaders/managers can champion innovation in their teams. They help create an environment of trust where team members are given higher responsibilities and trusted to do a great job, talking for their team and questioning existing practices.

Companies should move away from one-man show and yes-boss culture and instead, focus their energies on nurturing individuals and teams.  No one person should be responsible for idea generation; the company culture should invite different teams to invent new ideas.

Innovation is simple 

All said and done, companies should remember that innovation is simple and all about adding value to the user experience.


All the above sounds simple and you would agree with most of it but the challenge lies in the implementation of the above aspects of UX innovation. Step up and take charge. Be the one to champion innovation in your company.



About the author

Mandavi is responsible for creating beautiful and usable user experiences. She is particularly interested in mobile commerce and responsive design.


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