September 2nd, 2014

Top 3 UX-related articles from August

Here’s what we’ve been sharing on recent developments in UX during the month of August:

1. The Android smartphone for people who are sick of Android smartphones


When Lari Numminen and Jukka Kekäläinen set out to improve the user experience on Android via a simple interface app, they didn’t count on its popularity leading to them designing a whole new mobile device.

This interview with them by Ben Zigterman talks about the working principle of their product, Zilta, which is built to complement the Pareto principle and gives control to the user in the simplest of forms.

2. The Ultimate UX design of a Google Glass app

google glass

There are many who talk about Google Glass aesthetics, yet here Marcin Treder covers the design from a user experience perspective.

Highlighting the need for appropriate content and timing, plus the need for people to be considering this now not later, Marcin reminds us all that designing for Glass is very different to mobile and web design despite being tied by digital.

3. iOS and Android are becoming more alike than Apple or Google want you to think


Android or iPhone… Android or iPhone… Android or iPhone… Sound familiar? This article by Brad Reed will help you understand why the choice you make between the two may not be as dramatic as you first thought.

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