December 6th, 2013

Changing Your Brand Perception

I recently took the pressure cooker challenge, the Figaro 21s. A strict format of 21 slides, 21 seconds per automated slide, over 7 minutes. View the presentation here

So what to talk about… A pattern had emerged with our most successful website redesigns at Pixelgroup, about changing brand perceptions. It was never written in the brief but when we had cracked what and where the new perception of the brand should go, we unlocked and surpassed the initial requirements of the brief. Our website redesigns for Ann Summers, Abel & Cole and Mills & Boon are some of our more statistically impressive,  especially in changing brand perceptions and conversion optimisation.

The presentation followed that theme; how to change brand perceptions. To make it very clear and useful to people watching, we broke it down into questions that humanise brands. The answers to those questions tell us human characteristics about your brand. With that insight we can then inform our UX and creative direction to change brand perceptions.

When we’ve asked these brand humanising questions, we’ve got to the heart of what they are all about. And thats what makes for successfully changing brand perception, and successful website redesign, heart.

View the presentation here

About the author

Fresh Dave is one of our Senior Designers with specialism in creative ideation, cutting-edge interface design, branding, typography, and illustration.