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On average our work increases conversion by 62%.

What we do

Combining science, art & technology, we create digital experiences that clearly communicate your brand message in a simple and beautiful way which will attract and expand your audience.

We design for behaviour

We understand that it's not only about what users do online, more about how they think, feel and behave offline. We take to the streets, shops and beyond when conducting our research as we believe there's no better way to get into the minds of our target consumers then to go out into the real world and get our hands dirty.

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We've been in business for eight years and have worked with some well-known brands.

Spotted the famous @cocacola van in #Shoreditch earlier... #CHRISTMAS HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN PEOPLE!

When you work in #Shoreditch, you experience art every day

Pixels do #Christmas :-)

Santa came early at Pixelgroup!

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#happybirthday to our PM @leilaguddoy! Cake snap to follow #alwaysfoodinvolved

Planning session looks STRONG... but feet on the table?! #NaughtyMarko

Fantastic day at Apps World today, so much to look forward to! #weheartlearning

Our MD went on holiday and brought us all back a personalised present from Kenya! #whataguy #beerforeveryone #bottomsup

End of his first day at Pixelgroup and Jason is still a #happychappy. Nice one!

Bunch of sweeties for a bunch of sweeties :-)

Lunch is served #HappyFriday #HappyDiwali

New business cards have arrived #hollaaaaa!

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Free doughnut day - yippee! #workperk

And now it's official - fab work Pixels! #niceguysdon'talwaysfinishlast

We had a teeny tiny visitor in the office this week, not sure who was less impressed with who here though! #comebackcomo #manvsdog

2pm. Pitched out. @vuc

Richard is one happy laddy today - look what came in the post for our music maestro!